WLR Déise Today 23 February 2022

E-Scooters causing problems on Footpaths – Cllr Joeanne Bailey with Maria McCann MM : Maria McCann JB : Joeanne Bailey   MM : My next guest is Sinn Fein Councillor Joeanne Bailey and she’s on the line now, Joeanne you’re very welcome to the programme. JB : Hi, how are you? Thanks for having me […]

WLR Interview 17th August 2021

Deise Today, Tuesday 17th August, part 1 from 40.52 mins DT: Damien Tiernan SR: Seán Rohan DT:         Going to go straight to Seán Rohan who joins me from Waterford Disability Network, I’ll take more of your texts & comments in a minute, Seán, good to talk to you again SR:          And yourself Damien DT:         We […]

WLR Interview

 Transcript. Deise Today, WLR 06/07/2021 Damien Tiernan (DT), Seán Rohan (SR) DT: Seán Rohan is here with me, office manager at Waterford Disability Network. Hiya Sean. SR: Hi Damien, how are you this morning? DT: I’m good, thank you Seán. The recent Dublin Bay election debate on telly, what did they not mention? SR: Absolutely […]

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